Starting in 1998 from a small shop to repair freezer at 63 Nguyen Thai Hoc - Hanoi named Hong Phuc

Vietnam's economy in 2000 is increasingly prosperous, use an air conditioner needs to most people's capital. Blessed are sold conditioning address reliability leading people to buy each transmission.

2001 Blessed with 2 shareholders deployment factory air conditioning in North Vietnam took brand: Navi, Ruby, Dongco

2003 Navi air conditioner, Ruby, Dongco be covering 3 regions of Vietnam. Blessed Service continues to promote parallel arrays that became Blessed provider supplies refrigeration head north.

2005 Corporation REE Hoang Dat was established with 03 founding shareholders, 25 employees in 2005 on the basis Blessed Refrigeration Company.

2008 ROYAL DAT 1 in 3 became the largest shareholder of Complete Development gravure plant. Complete Plant Development copper tube is copper tubing factory in Vietnam's first large-scale, isolated from Hoa Phat Group.

Summary copper tube mill Ruby

All copper pipe factory founded by Phat Hoa Phat Group in 2006.

Brand Name: Copper Ruby

Officers and employees:> 200

Target market: domestic and export

Export markets: U.S., Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia,

The certification:

Quality management system standard ISO9001: 2000, this is ISO9001: 2008

Certified products meet the standards of ASTM B280, B68 (U.S.) and JIS H3300 (Japan)

2008 ROYAL MEETING established a branch in Da Nang City at a time when gold Danang. Hoang Dat proud to have provided nearly 80% work in Central.

2010 ROYAL MEETING established a branch in Ho Chi Minh City. Activity extremely effective, has promoted Ruby gravure brand in this market. Network Hoang Dat agent has denied most of the southern provinces, East, West

"Summarizing the success of DAT HOANG, we always have over 30% growth (compare to last year after year). 2 mutations in growth in 2008 and 2010 was over 100%.
The most significant gift from our customers is the love and trust of clients reflected in the growth of our non-stop. Hoang Dat is always STRATEGIC PARTNERS manufacturers of materials and industry leading cold "


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